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Staying Truly Connected: Leading change while working remotely

Generate ideas – Make creative plans – Test these in action

Staying Truly Connected will build your confidence as a digital leader, unlocking creativity to engage colleagues and motivate teams while working from home.

Make it your own: Staying Truly Connected is now available as an in-house online programme. Fitted around the needs of you and your team, it focuses on developing skills to create a collaborative and creative environment to lead successful change, whilst working remotely.

Structured around how you identify and respond to people’s needs, develop a feedback-rich culture and lead productive, collaborative, meetings, this is the starting point for your journey to truly connect with one another. All the techniques can be adapted to use in person or just online, and are designed to help prepare you and your team for the challenges and opportunities of the new academic year.

Whilst we work remotely, people’s needs and ways of adapting are often very different from one another, and the support and guidance needed varies enormously too. Being able to build strong, resilient connections based on trust and feedback takes on new urgency, and so does knowing how best to enable collective decision-making online, rather than in a meeting room.

If we can get this right now, we can take the best of what we’ve learnt and apply it to how we plan for the next academic year and beyond. Building trust, skills in feedback, and a creative, collaborative environment are now a critical part of the leader’s set of capabilities.

Staying Truly Connected helped me focus each week on my relationships at work, and I was able to reflect on what was and wasn’t working through the various online activities. It was powerful to share my experiences and to learn from others. Our collective focus on responding to COVID-19, provided a shared objective that meant the richness of our connection was amazing.

Dr Louise Naylor
Director of Education
University of Kent

The programme

Staying Truly Connected starts with you and your context. It’s all about how your imagination can unlock creativity in others. How you can be your best self in a digital space. You and your colleagues will experience activities that help you connect with the future you need to shape by working collaboratively, and sometimes playfully. You’ll learn to give feedback and facilitate online discussions with compassion, humility and humanity.

What you’ll focus on during the programme:

  • Planning for motivational and performance outcomes, both short and longer term
  • Keeping your leadership approach authentic, personalised and true to you in a digital space
  • Collaborative working and feedback in supporting people working remotely
  • How the shift in how you work now will help you shape and transform the future in your context

How it works

Staying Truly Connected is designed around your context and needs. We use experiential learning to bring creativity and playfulness to your time on the programme, which we encourage you to use in practice right away. Our role is to give you guidance, support and inspiration for new ways of working, helping you to connect with peoples hearts and minds online.

Through 12 hours of online learning, including 3 hours of synchronous group work, you’ll work with your colleagues to find new inspiration and comradery from sharing experiences and helping support others through their own journeys.

To begin with, you’ll have a short orientation (one hour of synchronous activity and one hour asynchronously) to think about and focus on how things are for you, right now. Then, over the course of the programme you’ll take part in ten hours of learning: two hours of synchronous activity where you’ll come together as a group to take part in a facilitated discussion, and eight hours asynchronously as you work through a series of creative and reflective activities.

We’re here to support you to generate ideas, make creative plans and test these in action.

An example: Staying Truly Connected over two weeks

This is one way in which the programme can be structured. The timings and length can be flexed according to what you need and when, but as guide here is how the programme works over a two and half week period:

Week 0 (Orientation): one hour asynchronous and an one hour facilitated discussion.

Week 1: 4 hours of asynchronous work, and an one hour facilitated discussion.

Week 2: 4 hours of asynchronous work, and an one hour facilitated discussion.

Terms and Conditions

We will work with you to ensure that you and your colleagues enjoy every aspect of what makes Invisible Grail special – before, during and after the programmes themselves. Click here for our full terms and conditions.

What they say

I had a good experience on Staying Truly Connected. It made me think about things in different ways, particularly around models for feedback and planning for successful outcomes. It worked really well being online, connecting with real people talking about real situations, and taking part in practical activities you could relate to your everyday work.

I’ve got so much out of it. It gave me momentum and focus, and it’s made me think of my role much more as a leader, my leadership style and what I’m doing and trying to do.

I left Staying Truly Connected feeling inspired and surprised. I was challenged to do things that were at the edge of my comfort zone, but I’m pleased to have done them. I’ve taken away learning that will change how I approach my practice.

Professor Keith Horton
Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Law & Social Sciences
Birmingham City University

Kathryn Conway
Hallam Help Manager, Student Support Services
Sheffield Hallam University

Claire Sparrow
Head of Undergraduate Business Courses and Principal Lecturer
University of Portsmouth 

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