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A counter voice to the status quo

Change is in the air

A braver and bolder look at what we do Under the lens of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve been reflecting more deeply on whether what we’re here to do stands-up to making the world a better place.” Like so many others, our thinking recently has been put into sharp focus. As it happened, 2020 was a…

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Helena Clayton

Helena Clayton, leadership consultant, coach and advocate for leading with love, talks to Louise Clifton about what role love can play in the workplace.

Playfulness at work: fun, vexing, helpful?

Seeing off a voice of doubt, Paul Gentle makes the case that intentional use of play at work can unlock greater collaboration and imagination, and suggests three ways you can do this with your own team. What better venture is there for any of us than to try working with others to create something that’s stronger, more imaginative, more impactful…

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Love in leadership plant

Love in leadership

Is it time to think about leading with emotions that connect – like love – rather than those that disconnect? Leading with love is a choice. In 2020-21, let’s start choosing more of it. Is it finally time to think about leading with emotions that connect, rather than disconnect?” In 2020 the world has held a mirror up and asked…

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Is it time for a revolution in higher education?

Should we be thinking harder about the way we work in higher education?  I went to hear from the Corporate Rebels to find out what higher education can learn from game-changing organisations across the world. Here’s what a revolution could look like. Could a university completely decentralise power and structure itself around small, self-managing teams?” Two weeks ago I attended…

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Student Engagement 2.0: partners, collaborators, or something else entirely?

Students are more than just partners; they are a part of our higher education ecosystem too. But how are they shaping this world? Louise Clifton explores what Student Engagement 2.0 looks like, and what three universities are doing right now to bring students into the heart of how they work. What’s the next generation of this idea, the 2.0 of…

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‘Liven up’ leaders: Time to inoculate against zombification. Or not?

What is zombie leadership and what does it look like? Stella Jones-Devitt and Liz Austen examine what we risk if we endorse this cultural status-quo, and guide us through how we might spot it so that we can choose our fate – either to conform and comply or to do something different. There’s no bravery in zombie leadership.” You may…

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Taking up Generation Z’s challenge on our future

Climate change is here. Young people are pushing for change. So what are we doing about it? We need to take up the fight for our future. To help create lifelong learning that values dialogue, creativity and empathy as ways to find the solutions to the climate crisis. If ever there were an intergenerational challenge worth heeding, it must be…

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Navigating the McNamara Trap

Metrics govern so much of how we interpret the success of what is important in higher education. Yet what do we miss if we only focus on the things that can be counted? Drawn from evidence from a QAA (Scotland) collaborative cluster project ‘Beyond the metrics: the intangibles’, Fiona Smart, Alastair Robertson and Liz Cleaver look beyond number-crunching to evolve…

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