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Playing the infinite game

Do you play to win or to keep the game going? How you approach your end goal can determine whether you spend your time looking backwards, where you’ve won in the past, or to the future, where the possibilities are. In Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse, Director of Religious Studies at New York University, makes the case for playing the infinite game. This quote is…

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Is it time for a revolution in higher education?

Should we be thinking harder about the way we work in higher education?  I went to hear from the Corporate Rebels to find out what higher education can learn from game-changing organisations across the world. Here’s what a revolution could look like. Could a university completely decentralise power and structure itself around small, self-managing teams?” Two weeks ago I attended…

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Children walking

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The inside out approach – let’s stop looking around us for the answers but ask ourselves questions that will help us understand who we are and how we can find steadiness and courage in all that we do. When I was growing up I always found this question daunting – I really didn’t have an answer to what I wanted…

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Fear: unremitting horror or catalyst for change?

We know about the good stuff in leadership – being empathetic, listening attentively, considered feedback – but what about fear? Can something so…horrifying…lead to something positive? Coming soon… to the university where you work… WHEN TERROR OVERCOMES THE SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM, IT’S COMING FOR YOU NEXT! It’s already there in how we talk. Fear of the Unknown. Dread of what…

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On the benefits of being connected

What are the hallmarks of being a connected leader? Drawing on his experience of working with some of the top leaders from across the world, Paul Gentle offers a manifesto on the benefits of practising connected leadership and what this looks like when it’s done well. What if you knew what senior people were thinking and doing in a perfect…

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shoes of others

Wearing the shoes of others

If we could step into someone else’s shoes and see the world through their eyes, would we make different decisions? Might we be better equipped to improve widening participation or eliminate the attainment gap? Stories invite us to see the world through the eyes of others. They foster empathy and enable us to connect …. My colleague Stuart Delves tells…

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The Dragon Economies

The Dragon Economies: Is Higher Education in South East Asia breathing fire?

The world is changing, rapidly. As global mindsets shift and we face a new decade, are the Dragon Economies still breathing fire? Travelling through Hong Kong and Singapore this autumn, Paul Gentle finds out. Your perceptions of how universities work in South East Asia will clearly have been shaped by your own experiences. Depending on where and when you’ve encountered…

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‘Liven up’ leaders: Time to inoculate against zombification. Or not?

What is zombie leadership and what does it look like? Stella Jones-Devitt and Liz Austen examine what we risk if we endorse this cultural status-quo, and guide us through how we might spot it so that we can choose our fate – either to conform and comply or to do something different. There’s no bravery in zombie leadership.” You may…

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Julian Stodd

Author and founder of Sea Salt Learning Power comes from what you share, not what you control. This is the message from Julian Stodd, proponent of social leadership and advocate for greater humility and humanity in organisational culture and leadership. These are the qualities that will enable organisations to adapt and succeed in the new social age. But what is…

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