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Reimagined: Chasing the unicorn – restoring elusive conversations

Meetings, emails, packed agendas: whether online or in the office, our days at work are full. Yet so much of what we do in these spaces relies on our ability to connect – negotiate, empathise, deliberate – with others. So whilst we work virtually, can we find more room to build deeper, more human and long-lasting connections – through simple…

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Love in leadership plant

Love in leadership

Is it time to think about leading with emotions that connect – like love – rather than those that disconnect? Leading with love is a choice. In 2020, let’s start choosing more of it. Is it finally time to think about leading with emotions that connect, rather than disconnect?” In 2020 the world has held a mirror up and asked…

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Overcoming white noise

With so much happening in the world, it can be hard to overcome a feeling that there’s always something around the corner: white noise in the background. In search of some certainty and focus, I’ve been out and about in the virtual world looking for hope, positivity and even levity in lock-down life. Here’s some gems, I hope they bring…

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Reimagined: Purposeful Leadership, now or never?

Purpose is in our nature. So why do we often forget how important it can be to our professional lives? When we’re motivated by what is right and when we can see how our work connects with a purpose greater than ourselves, this is when we can make the biggest difference to the people we work with and lead. Reimagined…

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The art of feedback

Reimagined: The art of feedback

Honest feedback is hard. Hard to listen to, and hard to give. So does feedback work best in the structured moments we’ve made for it? Or should we embrace it in all the moments in-between? Drawing on her own experience, Louise Clifton explores. I wrote this blog in early 2019. Back then, I thought I was writing about feedback and…

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Playing the infinite game

Do you play to win or to keep the game going? How you approach your end goal can determine whether you spend your time looking backwards, where you’ve won in the past, or to the future, where the possibilities are. In Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse, Director of Religious Studies at New York University, makes the case for playing the infinite game. This quote is…

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Is it time for a revolution in higher education?

Should we be thinking harder about the way we work in higher education?  I went to hear from the Corporate Rebels to find out what higher education can learn from game-changing organisations across the world. Here’s what a revolution could look like. Could a university completely decentralise power and structure itself around small, self-managing teams?” Two weeks ago I attended…

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

The inside out approach – let’s stop looking around us for the answers but ask ourselves questions that will help us understand who we are and how we can find steadiness and courage in all that we do. When I was growing up I always found this question daunting – I really didn’t have an answer to what I wanted…

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Fear: unremitting horror or catalyst for change?

We know about the good stuff in leadership – being empathetic, listening attentively, considered feedback – but what about fear? Can something so…horrifying…lead to something positive? Coming soon… to the university where you work… WHEN TERROR OVERCOMES THE SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM, IT’S COMING FOR YOU NEXT! It’s already there in how we talk. Fear of the Unknown. Dread of what…

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