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‘Liven up’ leaders: Time to inoculate against zombification. Or not?

What is zombie leadership and what does it look like? Stella Jones-Devitt and Liz Austen examine what we risk if we endorse this cultural status-quo, and guide us through how we might spot it so that we can choose our fate – either to conform and comply or to do something different. There’s no bravery in zombie leadership.” You may…

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Julian Stodd

Author and founder of Sea Salt Learning Julian Stodd is an author and founder of Sea Salt Learning, a global learning consultancy helping organisations adapt and thrive in the Social Age. Much of his work is around core elements of the Social Age: the need for Social Leadership, the design of Scaffolded Social Learning, planning for Organisational Change and the…

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Finding a different song to sing

When you’ve been doing the same thing for a while, how do you find the inspiration to reinvigorate how you see your work and professional purpose? Drawing on his own experience, Graham Holden offers five techniques to help you answer the question, ‘why do you do what you do?’ Do you get itchy feet? As you grow as a person,…

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Purposeful Leadership: now or never?

Purpose is in our nature. So why do we often forget how important it can be to our professional lives? When we’re motivated by what is right and when we can see how our work connects with a purpose greater than ourselves, this is when we can make the biggest difference to the people we work with and lead. “From…

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Leah Weiss, PhD

Lecturer in Management, Stanford Graduate Business School Leah Weiss, Ph.D. is a researcher, lecturer, consultant, entrepreneur, and author. She teaches Compassionate Leadership at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she created the perennially-waitlisted course “Leading with Mindfulness and Compassion.” She is Founding Faculty at the Compassion Institute. She is also the co-founder of Skylyte – a company that specializes…

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Taking up Generation Z’s challenge on our future

Climate change is here. Young people are pushing for change. So what are we doing about it? We need to take up the fight for our future. To help create lifelong learning that values dialogue, creativity and empathy as ways to find the solutions to the climate crisis. If ever there were an intergenerational challenge worth heeding, it must be…

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Leadership for middle managers: Technical University Denmark

What is a lead university and what does it mean to work in one? Anders Jacobsen writes about the experiences of the Human Resources team at the Technical University Denmark (DTU) in realising a vision to embed leadership as the foundation of their institutional culture. Anders takes us through the challenges the team faced to reach those in the middle,…

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Professional Purpose image

Who am I now? A journey to find professional purpose

In November 2015, Coach and Consultant Maeve Lankford took a leap and left her job to start up on her own. This radical shift encouraged Maeve to consider her professional purpose: who is she now? At the same time, higher education in Maeve’s native Ireland was also facing considerable change brought about by a new national strategy published in 2011…

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Sunlight through leaves

Chasing the unicorn – restoring elusive conversations

Meetings, emails, packed agendas: our days at work are full, yet so much of what we do in these spaces relies on our ability to connect – negotiate, empathise, deliberate – with others. In this maelstrom of daily office life, where are we making room for building genuine human connections, through simple things like conversations, with the people we work…

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