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The power of narrative in Higher Education

Using creative leadership and communication techniques, we help universities and their people align purpose, vision and narrative to realise their ambitions. We understand the risk, excitement, uncertainty and fun that go with professional development that transforms.

We can help your talent to shine. We’ll work with you to build your organisation’s capacity to engage your audiences. To communicate what makes you distinctive; a leader and pathfinder. To make the invisible visible.


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Where is your heart?

To act with compassion requires a degree of courage – one must go beyond the technical, the imperative, the rules of organisations and beyond past practice – to invent new practices that have within them empathy and love and a readiness to connect to others” (Frost, 1999).
How do we align our hearts with our professional lives? Louise Clifton explores the role of questions and language in building compassion in a new blog for the Staff Development Forum.
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