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The power of narrative in higher education

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Staying Truly Connected

Develop a feedback-rich culture, identify and respond to people’s needs and lead productive meetings: a practical, 13-hour online programme for anyone who needs to connect more deeply with the people they work with to lead successful change.

The Purposeful Leader

Experiment with techniques to help you to navigate uncertainty, root what you do in your purpose and vision, and hone an action plan to put your learning into place. A two-day programme to embed purpose at the heart of your leadership.

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We’re proud to partner with the Refugee Support Network, a charity which supports refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people to build more hopeful futures through education. When you work with us, you’ll be supporting the RSN too. Through our partnership, we donate 10% of our profits, share the charity’s mission, contribute our expertise wherever we can help, and open connections to our networks.

Our partnership is founded on our shared belief that education has the potential to change lives and the world around us for good, and that every person deserves the same, equal, opportunities to access it.

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Case Studies


  • Chapter twenty-four: X-y

    Chapter twenty-four: X-y

    Xerxes is a favourite name from my childhood reading. My imagination was stirred by tales of the ancient world. Perhaps that’s why I quite like Xerox: it reminds me, deep down, of an almost legendary …Read More »
  • Chapter twenty-three: W-x

    Chapter twenty-three: W-x

    ‘What’s in a name?’ goes the familiar quotation from Romeo and Juliet. Obviously quite a lot, as a name is the basis for our identities as individuals, brands or organisations. As Ruth Ozeki put it …Read More »
  • Change is in the air

    Change is in the air

    A braver and bolder look at what we do Under the lens of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve been reflecting more deeply on whether what we’re here to do stands-up to …Read More »
  • Chapter twenty-two: V-w

    Chapter twenty-two: V-w

    We demand individuality and memorability from our quotations.” Very few of you will have failed to notice that I like to use quotations. I like them for their own sake, because someone has said something …Read More »

Our purpose

Our purpose is to empower people to lead with respect and integrity; to be accountable academic and global citizens. We work in partnership with you to develop courageous interventions, to connect people, ideas, and communities to build a better world. Unlocking the values, stories and humanity that bring people together and enable all to lead to their full potential.