The power of narrative in Higher Education

Invisible Grail explores new ways to communicate important ideas specific to the needs of those working in higher education. Drawing on innovative leadership and communication techniques, we encourage curiosity, questioning and practice that allows the space and time to try out these ideas and harness the power of narrative.


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What they say about Invisible Grail


“This is something very different from a training course. We’ve shared something of ourselves, gained new insights into our colleagues and thought about how to communicate our new Strategy. It was hard work laced with fun!”

Professor Jane Longmore, Vice-Chancellor
University of Chichester
(Building a senior leadership community, a bespoke programme)



I found the course incredibly useful on many levels, it helped me connect with myself, and understand how I feel about my role and its challenges, and is has allowed me to consider how to re-frame my communications for better outcomes…Many thanks for a fantastically thought provoking experience I’ll never forget

Katrina Savage, Marketing and Campaigns Manager,
Teesside University
(attended Writing your Future)



“The most inspiring course I’ve been to. I’m encouraged to express my voice in my writing with more confidence – and I’m going to stick to it”

Academic and researcher,
(attended Writing for Impact)



Our latest blogs and case studies

A selection of blogs and case studies from some of the brightest writers in higher education.


Case study: Building a senior leadership community

The story of an evolving senior leadership community at the University of Chichester. In 2017 Professor Jane Longmore, Vice-Chancellor, and 30 of her colleagues worked with Invisible Grail to explore how the University could build a community of senior leaders who would create and lead their new strategy. Read Building a senior leadership community.


How to make the intangible tangible

How to make the intangible tangible

At the end of Invisible Grail’s first year, Louise Clifton reflects on what we’ve learned about ourselves, how narrative is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, and how, arm in arm with higher education, we are learning to make the intangible tangible. Read How to make the intangible tangible.


Really looking blog

Really looking

By Sophie Nicholls, Head of Department (Humanities) at Teesside University

‘A static body of knowledge on the shelf’ is how we might perceive the Humanities. But if we were to really look, and examine the questions they confront us with, would we recognise this definition? Or would it encourage us, and our students, to look again? Read Really looking.


Friday G&T

Friday G&T

Discover your Friday G&T (Gift & Tonic); a short piece of writing to spark a moment of creativity or create a minute of stillness. Published every Friday, these pieces are here to give your week a little lift. Try these out when you’re writing your next report, strategy, or yes, even email. Click here for your Friday G&T.

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