The latest insights on narrative, storytelling and leadership in higher education.

The power of narrative in Higher Education

The power of narrative in Higher Education

Invisible Grail explores and creates approaches to team and individual development for people working in Higher Education. We’re alongside you as you discover how to tell the story of your institution at its best.

Using creative leadership and communication techniques, we help universities and their people align purpose, vision and narrative to realise their ambitions; from unlocking collective team stories, to developing unique, game changing institutional strategies.

We work with you to build your institution’s capacity to engage your audiences. To communicate what makes you distinctive; a leader and pathfinder. To make the invisible visible.

New for 2020: The Purposeful Leader

How do you lead with purpose? And how do you connect your purpose with the aims and aspirations of the people you work with and lead?

Taking place next May near York, we’re running our new two-day programme examining how to bring greater purpose to leadership in higher education.

Find out more: The Purposeful Leader

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