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“I’ve been working a lot with Paul at Invisible Grail recently as we develop a refreshed international strategy and it’s really helped me appreciate much more clearly the creative role language plays in bringing people together.”

Professor Mark d’Inverno

Pro-Warden (International) and Professor of Computer Science
Goldsmiths, University of London
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Language is the lens through which we reach out to, and interact with, the world. The potential of words, and how you communicate them, is infinite.

Invisible Grail explores new ways to communicate important ideas specific to the needs of those working in higher education. We encourage curiosity, questioning and practice that allows the space and time to try out these ideas, drawing on techniques in writing, theatre and the arts.

Our programmes are designed to develop skills that can be applied to real-time projects and more widely as part of personal expansion and growth. Participants will learn techniques to articulate key messages critical to engaging with others, and discover the confidence to find and trust their voice.

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Friday G&TFriday G&T - for impact in higher education

Discover your Friday G&T (Gift & Tonic); a short piece of writing to spark a moment of creativity or create a minute of stillness.

Published every Friday, these pieces are here to give your week a little lift. Try these out when you’re writing your next report, strategy, or yes, even email. Click here for your Friday G&T.

Lets think of an apple - a blog about communication and international strategies for universitiesLet’s think of an apple

“You need to show humanity through a sense of individual personality in your words rather than the bland persona of a corporate institution.”

Finding individuality amongst homogeneity. John Simmons explores how communication influences higher educations’ approach to international strategies. A story inspired by a can of apple juice.

 Milky Way - The ABC of Space blog, a conversation between Stuart Delves and Professor James DunlopThe ABC of Space

“in the instances of writing for a lay audience or, probably more pertinently in the case of my lunch guest, an interdisciplinary audience, the need for clear language along with metaphors and anecdotes that bring the subject alive are of paramount importance.”

In conversation with Professor James Dunlop, Stuart Delves discovers how a metaphor can be used to decipher infinite ideas and mathematical complexities, and secure a healthy funding packet to boot.