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Who we are, what we do and why.

Our journey started in early 2017, and it began with this question: how could people and their universities apply narrative to strengthen their individual and collective purpose and vision?

We set out on a journey to find out. Engaging with over 1800 people from 50 institutions across the UK and internationally, we’re beginning to unlock distinctive, brilliant professional stories. From teams discovering their collective narratives, to developing unique, game changing institutional strategies. Building capacity and creating connections between people, their purpose and the positive impact this has for wider society as we go.

We are Invisible Grail; a growing team of leadership and communication experts, and we’re here to nurture the stories that will enable higher education to connect, for the greater good.

Our philosophy

We seek to make a positive, meaningful difference for everyone working in higher education and beyond by creating connections for the greater good. Everything we do is shaped by this.

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