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When people connect with you, your values, and understand what drives you, that is when meaningful change takes place. It’s time to do something different. After all, if not now, when?

Through a growing number of online programmes, we’re here to help you build greater purpose, resilience and connection when leading and working in a remote environment.

Join us and our community of alumni, colleagues and friends from the UK and beyond to do something different, now.

The Purposeful Leader

An online programme to bring you and your colleagues together and shape a culture based on shared purpose, values and curiosity. For any team that seeks to understand their individual and collective motivations, aspirations and purpose better.

Staying Truly Connected

Develop a feedback-rich culture, identify and respond to people’s needs and lead productive meetings: a practical, 12-hour online programme for teams that need to connect and thrive while working remotely and plan for the future ahead.

Made for you

Designed to fit your needs, your priorities and your context, and run in-house by our experts, both programmes will be adapted to make them truly yours.

Or if you were looking for something a little different to fit a unique challenge – like collaborative strategic problem solving or how to grow long-lasting, sustainable practices that make positive change happen – we’re here to create something entirely bespoke for you.

Come and talk to us, or if you’d like to see the full range of what’s possible, take a look at our bespoke programmes.

Our programme commitment

We commit to creating an inspirational, immersive and reflective experience on all our programmes, whether face to face or online. That’s why we use a combination of group work and dedicated one-to-one time to build confidence and to ensure a high degree of personal attention to your needs.

We use creative leadership and communication techniques to take you toward the raw edge, a place where you will be challenged and supported to learn new practices, test these out in action, and build stronger connections with the people you work with and lead.

In return, we ask you for your commitment to the programme and to your own development, and to come with an open mind.

Contact us

Not sure what’s right for you or want to know more?

We’re here to help. Please contact Academic Director Paul Gentle or Louise Clifton, Director of Marketing, Communications and Operations.