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We create programmes that embed cultures of trust and innovation, inspire braver and bolder leadership, and bring people together to make change happen.

Designed for your team and institution – or if you’re looking for your own development journey – explore how we can support you to take the next step to leadership led by purpose and heart.

For your team and institution

Working online, blended or face-to-face, we create experiential programmes built around sustainable professional development: helping people and teams to build practices that connect with their values and purpose. and that deliver long-term, impactful change.

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For you

Two challenging and experiential programmes to help you connect deeply with your identity as a leader, and embed new practices to build a culture based on trust with the people you work with and lead.

Staying Truly Connected

Develop a feedback-rich culture, identify and respond to people’s needs and lead productive meetings: a practical, 13-hour online programme for anyone who needs to connect more deeply with the people they work with to lead successful change.

The Purposeful Leader

Experiment with techniques to help you to navigate uncertainty, root what you do in your purpose and vision, and hone an action plan to put your learning into place. A two-day programme to embed purpose at the heart of your leadership.

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Our approach

We create experiences that work online, blended or face-to-face. No matter the method, we always use experiential techniques, supporting and stretching people to nurture a curious and developmental mindset.

Our approach is to engage and ignite people through interactive, immersive experiences. A selection of the techniques we use include: group challenges, simulations, thematic inquiries, provocations, personal and collective writing activities, stakeholder mapping and action planning, visioning activities, and structured forms of dialogue which bring about insight and inspire action.

Our work is always about what makes people connect with one another, and how they do this through group dynamics.

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