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For your team and institution

Forge successful relationships with the people you work with

Working relationships are often challenging. People can lack confidence in making decisions and following through on them. Emotionally-intelligent conversations are difficult, and it becomes easier to avoid engaging than trying to change the narrative.

Yet when people work together well, they feel more resilient and are quicker to find solutions and act. The desire to work in a supportive and collaborative environment builds momentum, and sets the tone for a culture built on trust.

Working with you, we design programmes that shift mindsets toward embedding a supportive and collaborative work environment. Where people find energy through new ways of working together, agree on priorities, create plans and take action.

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Unite teams around a shared purpose

Unless people are accountable to one another, it’s difficult to agree or take ownership of where you’re going strategically, and original thinking is side-lined for individual agendas. 

The most cohesive and high-performing teams have a shared purpose and vision at the heart of their work. Trust in one another and working together collaboratively are the hallmarks of these teams and their wider institutions.

When you need to unite your team, we’ll work alongside you and your colleagues to help you stay connected to, and build action plans around, your strategic purpose, and sustain a hands-on culture of responsibility, action and impact.

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Have engaged conversations about what matters most and make change happen

Day-to-day working demands that universities meet KPIs and respond to operational pressures – and this makes it tough to find time to examine, articulate and put more strategic aspirations front and centre of our discussions.

Given time and space, there’s room to draw out what motivates diverse groupings of people.  Institutions can use these conversations to tackle barriers between working operationally and thinking strategically.  This contributes to shared narratives for how the future could be, and greater impact in getting there.  

To keep on task – on purpose – we work with you and your teams to clarify your vision and identify what matters, agree on how to get there together and engage everyone in the conversation; ready to take action.

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Deepen connections with students, partners and the community

Deepening understanding in a partnership is complex. Competing interests of different internal and external players can get in the way of collaboration. Partners’ needs can change too as projects evolve.

But at its best, partnership working is greater than the sum of its parts. When you get it right, greater, long-term impact is possible. Stronger relationships are created that flex and adapt as needed, diverse expertise is used and applied, and there are often surprising spin-offs that you might not have predicted but that give you a solid foundation to explore future projects and opportunities. 

Whether you’re working with stakeholders from your community, student body or professional partners, we’ll create experiences that help strengthen your relationships, fulfil your shared aspirations, and deepen trust in each other.

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