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Only connect – why narrative is even more important when teaching remotely

Narrative is powerful. In learning and teaching we can use it to link one activity to another, giving purpose and sense of direction.  While we find ourselves in an online world, Graham Holden reflects on how we can use use narrative…read more

Student Engagement 2.0: partners, collaborators, or something else entirely?

Students are more than just partners; they are a part of our higher education ecosystem too. But how are they shaping this world? Louise Clifton explores what Student Engagement 2.0 looks like, and what three universities are doing right now…read more

Narratives and the student experience

“There isn’t a homogenous student experience”, so how do we capture the experiences of our students to enable them to excel? Shân Wareing makes the argument for finding the patterns – where groups of students harmonise and where they diverge…read more

Taking up Generation Z’s challenge on our future

Climate change is here. Young people are pushing for change. So what are we doing about it? We need to take up the fight for our future. To help create lifelong learning that values dialogue, creativity and empathy as ways…read more

Navigating the McNamara Trap

Metrics govern so much of how we interpret the success of what is important in higher education. Yet what do we miss if we only focus on the things that can be counted? Drawn from evidence from a QAA (Scotland)…read more
Why teaching and learning needs a narrative

Why teaching and learning needs a narrative

Teaching and learning are integral to the wider student experience, but without a clear vision and narrative these activities can feel disjointed for those that lead and live them. Graham Holden examines how we can use narrative to create a…read more