The latest insights on narrative, storytelling and leadership in higher education.

Author: Graham Holden

Graham is a Client Relationship Director at Invisible Grail. An experienced leader and academic, Graham is passionate about higher education and how it transforms lives. With over thirty years of experience, Graham has led the design and delivery of transformational programmes that make a difference.
shoes of others

Wearing the shoes of others

If we could step into someone else’s shoes and see the world through their eyes, would we make different decisions? Might we be better equipped to improve widening participation or eliminate the attainment gap? Stories invite us to see the…read more
Why teaching and learning needs a narrative

Why teaching and learning needs a narrative

Teaching and learning are integral to the wider student experience, but without a clear vision and narrative these activities can feel disjointed for those that lead and live them. Graham Holden examines how we can use narrative to create a…read more