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Graham Holden

Client Relationship Director

An experienced leader and academic, Graham is passionate about higher education and how it transforms lives. With over thirty years of experience, Graham has led the design and delivery of transformational programmes that make a difference.

Graham Holden

“My passion stems from my experience of being the first generation from my family to go to university and the opportunities that I would not have otherwise had. I am an experienced academic with an extensive and successful track record of strategic leadership and management of teaching and the student experience in higher education. Most recently I have worked with senior colleagues across the sector to promote and support teaching excellence.

“Those who have worked with me and students who I have taught, know me for my passion and commitment to ‘making things happen’. Strong narratives, personal or collective, are pivotal to translating strategy into action and to making an impact. It is my story that has led me to Invisible Grail and to wanting to work with leaders to develop their own narratives and nurture their professional impact.”

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