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Interview Series

How do leaders from around the world see their professional narratives?

Tapping into diverse insights from across the world, we talk to leaders from a range of professions to understand what makes them tick, how they stay curious and what we can learn from their experiences to challenge the way we see our own professional narratives.

Louise Clifton

Director of Marketing, Communications and Operations at Invisible Grail

What drives a growing leader’s search for what makes people tick? How do we know that we’re making a difference in our work? Louise Clifton shares what motivates her in her quest to enable higher education to build a better world.

Professor Janet Haddock-Fraser

Sustainability and leadership expert

Professor Janet Haddock-Fraser sheds light on how we might embrace the leadership needed to make more sustainable choices, and ultimately build a better world.

Helena Clayton

Leadership consultant, coach and advocate for leading with love

As an advocate for love in leadership, Helena’s take on professional development is rooted in self-love and how we care for others at work.

Tao Warburton

President of Bucks Students’ Union, 2019-20

Tao Warburton led the Sabbatical team at Bucks Students’ Union as President in 2019-20, representing over 8,500 students across the University and making their voice heard.

Lucy Butters

Cultural Intelligence expert

Lucy Butters is a specialist in developing Cultural Intelligence which supports international ambition and inclusion in our universities. She founded her business, Elembee ltd, in 2010 following a career with the British Council and research and teaching roles at the universities of Aberdeen and Hertfordshire.

Professor Leah Weiss

Lecturer in Management, Stanford Graduate Business School

Leah Weiss, Ph.D. is a researcher, lecturer, consultant, and author. She teaches Compassionate Leadership at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she created the perenially-waitlisted course “Leading with Mindfulness and Compassion”.

Professor Kamil Omoteso

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences at the University of Derby

From childhood right through to his current role, integrity, working hard and having a positive impact on others’ lives have shaped Kamil’s world view. As a leader, this means being sincere, and working for, and with, others to inspire positive change.

Dr Paul Gentle

Academic Director and co-founder of Invisible Grail

A leadership expert, Paul Gentle is the Academic Director of Invisible Grail, an organisation dedicated to creating a more interdependent, sustainable and collaborative higher education sector across the world.

Julian Stodd

Author and founder of Sea Salt Learning

Julian Stodd is an author and founder of Sea Salt Learning, a global learning consultancy helping organisations adapt and thrive in the social age.