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Tips and advice

Techniques to try that will help stretch your leadership and inspire those around you. From giving feedback, to hosting meetings and creating communities of practice.

To have the most impact, ask the right questions

by Chris Musselwhite and Tammie Plouffe for the Harvard Business Review

Master the three ways to influence people

Use the Head, Heart, or Hands (Logical, Emotional, or Cooperative Appeals)

From the Center for Creative Leadership

How to get people to actually participate in virtual meetings

by Justin Hale and Joseph Grenny for the Harvard Business Review

How do you create a community of practice?

Communication and narrative are two essential parts of creating a community of practice. The third? A team of people who are up for the challenge and have the desire to do something bold – something different.

The Importance of Reflection

By Maria Konnikova for Farnam Street

Intensity vs Consistency

Simon Sinek for the RSA


Asking insightful questions, a core mentoring practice

By Dr Kay Guccione, Senior Lecturer in Academic Development for the GCU Academic development and student learning blog.

Reimagined: Productive meeting, an oxymoron?

By Louise Clifton for Invisible Grail

Make your meetings a safe space for honest conversation

By Paul Axtell for the Harvard Business Review

How to use others’ feedback to learn and grow

By Sheila Heen | TEDxAmoskeagMillyardWomen

The power of empathy

By Helen Riess at TEDxMiddlebury

The A-Z of writing

A mini-series on the A-Z of writing that will influence and improve your words for work.

Reimagined: Writing when you’re stuck

By Louise Clifton for Invisible Grail

Influence and how you do it

By Paul Gentle for Invisible Grail


Engaging Leaders: The challenge of inspiring collective commitment in universities

By Paul Gentle, published by Routledge