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The A-Z of writing

Welcome to a new mini-series on the A-Z of writing. Follow it weekly for a workout in writing agility that will influence and improve your words for work.

“For writing to be effective it needs to be human, to connect us as humans. This is a time when we all need to be more aware of the potential of words – and to use them with greater joy.”

John Simmons

Every Friday, we’ll publish a new chapter offering tips and reflections to help you find the words that will motivate, inspire and engage people in your writing.

Starting with an introduction, each new chapter will follow the alphabet, beginning at A-b through to Y-z. You can find every chapter right here and on our Linked In page. Take a look, download the pdf and drop in each week to get a top up of inspiration.

Introduction: The A-Z of writing

Two decades ago I wrote a book called The Invisible Grail. It was about writing better stories in and for organisations, because stories matter, they connect… Read more.

Chapter one

Any writer knows that it’s not always easy to get started. Sometimes the world seems to be divided into writers and people who want to be writers…

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Chapter two

Before you begin, think about how you are going to grab your reader’s attention…

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Chapter three

Coronavirus is right there at the forefront of our thinking, threatening to dominate everything we do. But can you force yourself to think new thoughts and write new words…

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Chapter four

Do this, don’t do that. Deadlines demand timely headlines. Alliteration and rhyme, the techniques of poetry, do we use them or abuse them?

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Chapter five

Eggs over easy. Remembering business trips to the US and staying in hotels where they offered that almost endless list of American ways of having eggs for breakfast. 

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Chapter six

F*** business.’ At least Boris Johnson was clear when he uttered those words…

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Chapter seven

Gotcha! is the headline many British people think of when headlines are mentioned.

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Chapter eight

How do you make a thought more vivid? Metaphors are certainly one way to do it.

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Chapter nine

Coming soon on Friday 5 June 2020.