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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is the framework to everything that we do: from how we develop and deliver our projects, to the way we work together to bring out the best in each other.

Our philosophy is the framework for how we live out our purpose to empower people to lead with respect and integrity; to be accountable academic and global citizens.

Institutions and their people are our partners, and working in partnership we seek to develop courageous interventions, connecting people for the greater good. To reveal and share the values, stories and humanity that bring people together and enable all to lead to their full potential.

We do this by working in collaboration, being open and transparent in our thinking, approach and in our feedback to one another. This is at the heart of empowering people. We believe that everyone is equal, and equality matters. We keep our promises. 

“At Invisible Grail, the promotion of equality for all staff members moulds the quality ideas we produce. We are encouraged to be brave and courageous, using personal experiences to start a conversation which leads to projects we are passionate about.”

Rhiannon-Breeze Harris
Student Client Relationship Director

“There are no bosses at Invisible Grail. Everyone who works here leads on something. That’s how we generate all our new ideas – by putting faith and trust in our people. Our most exciting breakthroughs always come from different approaches to thinking.
That’s why everyone, regardless of age, gender or background, has a voice here.”

Dr Paul Gentle
Academic Director

We are an intergenerational, non-hierarchical family. Our values shape our strategic approach and everyday decision making.

We’re always looking for ways to embed more deeply our philosophy, so in 2019 we set up a new partnership with the Refugee Support Network, a charity which supports refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people to build more hopeful futures through education.

Our partnership is founded on our shared belief that education has the potential to change lives and the world around us for good, and that every person deserves the same, equal, opportunities to access it. Helping us all connect for the greater good.

Refugee Support Network and Invisible Grail

A new partnership: Invisible Grail and the Refugee Support Network

In 2019, Invisible Grail and the Refugee Support Network will work in partnership to support refugees seeking educational opportunities and mentorship.

Where are we now? Higher education, refugees and asylum seekers

Talent and potential aren’t linked to where we’re born. Each of us has the ability to learn and grow given the right support. So how can higher education institutions help young people from refugee or asylum seeking backgrounds flourish in our educational system?