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Building a better world: Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is the framework to everything that we do: from our commitments to working sustainably, to how we design our projects and the way we work together to bring out the best in each other.

Our philosophy is at the heart of how we live out our purpose to empower people to lead with respect and integrity; to be accountable academic and global citizens.

A purpose-led organisation

We believe in building a better world. Where everyone is a leader, and everyone can make a difference. It’s our ambition to help create a global higher education that is more sustainable and collaborative – where its people work together more freely, communicate more easily, and depend upon one another more readily.

We’re a for-profit, purpose-led organisation. We don’t measure success by profit. We measure success by making a difference to people’s lives.

Equality, sustainability and working ethically

We believe that everyone is equal, and equality matters. Everyone contributes to the ideas and direction of our organisation, so that we can continually grow and become more sustainable, more collaborative, and more innovative.

“At Invisible Grail, the promotion of equality for all staff members moulds the quality ideas we produce. We are encouraged to be brave and courageous, using personal experiences to start a conversation which leads to projects we are passionate about.”

Rhiannon-Breeze Harris
Student Client Relationship Director

“There are no bosses at Invisible Grail. Everyone who works here leads on something. That’s how we generate all our new ideas – by putting faith and trust in our people. Our most exciting breakthroughs always come from different approaches to thinking. That’s why everyone, regardless of age, gender or background, has a voice here.”

Dr Paul Gentle
Academic Director

We have a flat organisational structure and encourage everyone to seek out opportunities to try new, innovative ideas and lead with them. We practice flexible working, and we have no gender pay gap.


Being a sustainable business is a core part of who we are. We believe in proactively making a difference to the world through choosing the most sustainable options for our business. In 2021, we planted 34 saplings at our company HQ. As these trees grow, they will offset our carbon emissions from private transport over the last two years. As a team, we commit to (and record) pedal and foot power to offset our use of public transport too.

We choose our suppliers with care, and seek out organisations that meet high sustainable and ethical working practices too. We review our suppliers annually, to ensure that we are all working together to have minimal impact on the environment.

Working ethically

Having a positive social impact through everything we do is fundamental to being true to our own purpose. We encourage all our employees to take time for volunteering with social impact, and we champion mentoring opportunities and feedback as integral parts of how we all work and grow at Invisible Grail.

Our Board of Directors sets the strategic direction and reviews all our social impact and environmental activities, making sure that we are on track, focused and accountable. We test out the assumption that we work honestly, with integrity and purpose with our clients, so that we make sure we’re meeting your expectations and working out how to raise these in the future.

Not working for, but in partnership with you

We believe in working in partnership. That the best, most effective and fulfilling way to work is in collaborative, trusting relationships which create sustainable change.

In practice, this means being open and transparent. Feedback is essential and is at the heart of making an impact. We check in with you regularly to make sure we’re adapting and evolving as your needs change. And we don’t charge for extra preparation or adaptation, we’re in this with you to create something unique and that makes a difference.

In return, we ask that you commit to the process. Come with a brief yes, but with a curious mindset too.

Our charitable partner

We’re proud to partner with the Refugee Education UK, a charity which supports refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people to build more hopeful futures through education. When you work with us, you’ll be supporting the REUK too. Through our partnership, we donate 10% of our profits, share the charity’s mission, contribute our expertise wherever we can help, and open connections to our networks.

Our partnership is founded on our shared belief that education has the potential to change lives and the world around us for good, and that every person deserves the same, equal, opportunities to access it.

Refugee Support Network and Invisible Grail

A new partnership: Invisible Grail and Refugee Education UK

In 2019, Invisible Grail and Refugee Education UK will work in partnership to support refugees seeking educational opportunities and mentorship.

Where are we now? Higher education, refugees and asylum seekers

Talent and potential aren’t linked to where we’re born. Each of us has the ability to learn and grow given the right support. So how can higher education institutions help young people from refugee or asylum seeking backgrounds flourish in our educational system?