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Our Philosophy

We seek to make a positive, meaningful difference for everyone working in higher education and beyond, by creating connections for the greater good.

Our ambition is to nurture narratives for individuals and institutions to help them connect between and beyond the boundaries of higher education, for the greater good.

Our philosophy – the way we purposefully choose to work – reflects this ambition. We frame this through our values of working with openness, trust and compassion. These values shape everything we do.

We believe that institutions and their people are our partners. By working in partnership, we co-create solutions based on our collective expertise, creativity and strengths. Without sharing these insights, we risk only ever knowing half the picture.

We commit to refresh and adapt all we do, constantly. This enables us to be agile in our partnerships, and to seek out the raw edge of professional development; constantly challenging and re-considering the way we see and experience the world.

Our ambition, to work across and beyond boundaries for the greater good, is lived out in our partnership with the Refugee Support Network, a charity which supports refugee and asylum- seeking children and young people to build more hopeful futures through education.

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Refugee Support Network and Invisible Grail

A new partnership: Invisible Grail and the Refugee Support Network

In 2019, Invisible Grail and the Refugee Support Network will work in partnership to support refugees seeking educational opportunities and mentorship.

Where are we now? Higher education, refugees and asylum seekers

Talent and potential aren’t linked to where we’re born. Each of us has the ability to learn and grow given the right support. So how can higher education institutions help young people from refugee or asylum seeking backgrounds flourish in our educational system?