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Dr Paul Gentle

Academic Director

A leadership expert, Paul has dedicated the last twelve years to creating and delivering leadership development programmes in higher education.

“I’ve been working in higher education for over 20 years in various guises; as a Head of Department, Dean, a Director of Programmes specialising in leadership development, and now as Academic Director for Invisible Grail. In more recent years I have worked with a number of senior leaders and learned a great deal about the nuances of senior leadership.

Invisible Grail represents the two halves of my whole: a passion for leadership development and a love for the art of writing and communication. In 2016 a thrilling journey among Atlantic islands of Europe inspired a personal quest, and led serendipitously to my wanting to enable leaders to make an impact by discovering their own narrative.”

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Paul’s Blog Posts

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    How to connect beliefs and values with writing a strategy

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