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Rhiannon-Breeze Harris

Student Client Relationship Director

Rhiannon is passionate about the role students can play in shaping how universities connect with their student body. She is a recent Education graduate from Anglia Ruskin University, and leads on Invisible Grail’s engagement with students and brokering stronger relationships between the student body and university leadership.

Rhiannon-Breeze Harris

“I am a recently graduated education student living in Cambridge, with an interest in how students can find their voice and narrative in universities. Being a Student Consultant for the University’s Teaching Excellence Framework project, I heard a range of opinions from students like myself on how the university succeeds in being inclusive of the wide student body, but also where improvements are needed.

“I was previously Course Representative for two years, being the link between the university and the students on my course. Helping students and universities to communicate and connect is key to building relationships to lead positive change for everyone involved.”