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Kindness at work: part one

Kindness is something we all connect with, deeply; it’s in our bones. Yet at work, how do we make room for it when other demands on our time and head-space crowd in? Can we design more kindness into our working lives?…read more

Introduction: The A-Z of writing

Two decades ago I wrote a book called The Invisible Grail. It was about writing better stories in and for organisations, because stories matter, they connect. The title is now adopted by us, a company whose aim is to improve…read more

From A to Z: writing that connects

What we say and do are regularly explored as ways we can improve our leadership. But what about what we write? How often do we think about the words that we choose to connect with others? Gathering together 25 insights…read more

Chapter twenty-three: W-x

‘What’s in a name?’ goes the familiar quotation from Romeo and Juliet. Obviously quite a lot, as a name is the basis for our identities as individuals, brands or organisations. As Ruth Ozeki put it in her novel My Year…read more

Chapter twenty-two: V-w

We demand individuality and memorability from our quotations." Very few of you will have failed to notice that I like to use quotations. I like them for their own sake, because someone has said something enlightening, true or amusing, and…read more

Chapter twenty-one: U – v

The trouble with words is you never know whose mouths they’ve been in"Dennis Potter Usually adverts come one at a time and are soon forgotten. But when I was first writing The Invisible Grail, back in 2002, I arrived at…read more

Chapter nineteen: S-t

Short words suit swift actions...But it can be a boring, monotonous diet for those having to take these words in." Short simple words are the demands of the modern chief executive. Short words suit swift actions. Simple words fit clear…read more

Chapter eighteen: R-s

The sound of your words will tell you a lot – a stumble might point out the word you’re not sure about, a pause for breath might tell you when the sentence is too long." Rise to your feet and…read more

Chapter fifteen: O-p

Once I selected poems for all the members of the company where I was working. I invited them to live with the poem, reading it regularly, allowing meaning to inform them over time. I gave this poem by William Carlos…read more

Writing to engage people online

Why bringing humanity to your writing is essential to engage people online, and how you can get people to stick around to read what you've written. Technology has changed our habits. We often talk about Generation Z’s diminishing attention span,…read more
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Reimagined: Writing when you’re stuck

Five ideas to reconnect you to your message Invisible Grail’s Louise Clifton draws on our own approach to facilitating original writing and suggests five ways to overcome writer’s block. [writing] permeates decision-making...helps us form alliances, and when we get it…read more