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Staying Truly Connected: Weeks Three and Four

More, better, consistent: Collaborative working and feedback in supporting people working remotely

Welcome to Weeks Three and Four!

For the next half of the programme, we’ll build on the change you’re planning for your team or department’s future. We’ll work on how to make sure you bring people with you in a climate of trust, modelling engaging practices in giving and receiving feedback. We’ll also help you to plan for how to gain consensus and commitment through working online in genuinely collaborative ways.  

The Hours and linked activities are: 

Hour 1Why you need to prioritise feedback Identifying barriers to giving feedback and turning these into enablers 
Hour 2Planning for feedback conversations Why feedback is important, and why we should prioritise it now 
Hour 3Reconceptualising meetingsOutlining your intentions for a meeting with particular outcomes in mind 
Hour 4Values, aspirations and your leadership manifesto Articulating how you and your team will achieve change together
Hour 5Meet with your Staying Truly Connected colleagues in Zoom10-11.15am GMT, Friday 26 March 2021

Hour 1: Why you need to prioritise feedback

Here’s a brief story about an insight I gained a few years ago into the importance of feedback.

Hour 2: Planning for feedback conversations

Feedback enables colleagues to develop action plans to become more effective in their work, and builds a culture of trust.

Hour 3: Reconceptualising meetings

Once I ran a workshop in which I started by asking participants to close their eyes and visualise the worst meeting they had ever witnessed in a university.

Hour 4: Values, aspirations and your leadership manifesto

Articulating the values and aspirations that shape your leadership.

Hour 5: Meet virtually at 10am GMT on Zoom

We’ll send you this link via email during Week Four. Please allow up to 1 hr 15 minutes for this final activity.