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Staying Truly Connected: Weeks One and Two

Be the best you can be for each person: Personalising your approach for a wide range of individual responses to working remotely

Welcome to Weeks One and Two!

In these two weeks, we’ll ask you to work on how you can support individual colleagues so that they’re able to contribute not only to the team’s immediate work priorities, but also to important thinking you need to do together about your work in the future.

We suggest you work through the Hours in numerical order, and it’s up to you how you manage your time, whether in daily chunks or in more intensive blocks. Some of the activities are intended for you to work on an electronic device, but for most we encourage you to turn off your screen, and use pen and paper. 

The Hours and linked activities are: 

Hour 1How people show their needs differently Matching colleagues’ behaviour with your responses 
Hour 2Planning for successful change outcomesIdentifying the change outcomes you need to work towards 
Hour 3Keeping the future in sightA visual portrayal of the future
Hour 4Modelling the working climate for your team Preparing a story you could tell to help some individuals 
Hour 5Meet with your Staying Truly Connected colleagues in Zoom10-11.15am GMT, Friday 12 March 2021

Hour 1: How people show their needs differently

What makes leading and managing people in these times particularly complex is that we are all affected differently.

Hour 2: Planning for successful change outcomes

This programme is all about leading change successfully, so it’s time to think in more detail about the kind of change you have in mind.

Hour 3: Keeping the future in sight

How do we keep the future in sight, and what does the future we want look like?

Hour 4: Modelling the working climate for your team

Your team will become all the stronger when you are prepared to show your own emotions.

Hour 5: Meet virtually at 10am GMT on Zoom

We’ll send you this link via email during Week Two. Please allow up to 1 hr 15 minutes for this final activity.