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Organisational culture

Insights on creating collaborative organisational cultures and empathetic team dynamics.

Collaborative Working Survey

Improve your organizational culture – discover what drives behaviours and practices

Re-writing the rules on emotionally intelligent teams

After a year of working from a distance, the time is ripe to re-write the rules of engagement, using a compass that points to emotionally intelligent relationships as its True North.

5 ways to help teams thrive in uncertainty

Download the report, by Betterup

Resilience: The secret sauce

Resilience is robustness and agility. It’s what it takes to thrive, not just survive. Sound familiar?

By Louise Clifton for Invisible Grail

Cracking the code for sustained collaboration

By Francesco Gino for the Harvard Business Review

Institutional narrative: Is it only a story?

By Jamie Jauncey for Invisible Grail

Leading with humility

By Daniel Goleman published on Linked In

Example and guidance

Creating a vision for your change, created by the ACT Academy, NHS Improvement.

Immediately Improve Your Talent Development with the SBI Model by the Center for Creative Leadership

How to use others’ feedback to learn and grow

By Sheila Heen for TEDxAmoskeagMillyardWomen

The human skills we need in an unpredictable world

A TED talk by Margaret Heffernan