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Challenge your Perspective

Challenge your perspective

Take a different view and embrace a counter voice to the status quo

Navigating the McNamara Trap

By Professor Liz Cleaver, Dr Alastair Robertson and Dr Fiona Smart for Invisible Grail

The power of not knowing

By Louise Clifton for Invisible Grail

Is it time for a revolution in higher education?

By Louise Clifton for Invisible Grail

‘Liven up’ leaders: Time to innoculate against zombification? Or not?

By Professor Stella Jones-Devitt and Dr Liz Austen for Invisible Grail

Reimagining the future of skills: what do young people think?

By Henrietta H. Fore and Robert E. Moritz for the World Economic Forum

Love in leadership

Is it time to think about leading with emotions that connect – like love – rather than those that disconnect?

Interviews to challenge the status quo

Helena Clayton on love and leadership

Love. A word that has the power to make us glow on the inside and out, but that can also set our teeth on edge. Especially if we think about love at work. But why is this? Something so fundamentally human, so powerful. Yet we put it in a box – out of sight – for hours a day, days a week, weeks a year, whilst we’re ‘at work’.

I ask Helena what love means in the context of work, and how we might begin to unlock more of it in ourselves and for each other.

Read the research: Leadership and love: The heart of the future of work

Julian Stodd on social leadership

Power comes from what you share, not what you control. This is the message from Julian Stodd, proponent of social leadership and advocate for greater humility and humanity in organisational culture and leadership. These are the qualities that will enable organisations to adapt and succeed in the new social age.

But what is social leadership and the new social age? And what behaviours and cultures should we be championing to help us navigate this world?

Playfulness at work: fun, vexing, helpful?

By Paul Gentle for Invisible Grail

Distraction: Evil or art?

By Paul Gentle for Invisible Grail

We need leaders that can link local citizens with our universities

What does the new civic engagement leadership skill set look like?

By Paul Gentle for Wonkhe