Lets think of an apple - a blog about communication and international strategies for universities

Let’s think of an apple

Finding individuality amongst homogeneity. John Simmons explores how communication influences higher educations approach to international strategies. A story inspired by a can of apple juice.   Flying to America the other week to run a writing workshop, I was served with a can of ‘100% Apple Juice’. Looking more closely at the ingredients I read: ‘Contains Apple Juice Concentrate from…

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Milky Way - The ABC of Space blog, a conversation between Stuart Delves and Professor James Dunlop

The ABC of Space

  In conversation with Professor James Dunlop, Stuart Delves discovers how a metaphor can be used to decipher infinite ideas and mathematical complexities, and secure a healthy funding packet to boot.   A burger with a cosmologist. Not any old cosmologist, if such a creature exists.  But James Dunlop, Professor of Extra-Galactic Astronomy, and the current Head of the Institute for…

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Packing a punch

The conference has assembled, the introductions have been given and the PowerPoint fired up. Bella Starling relates the nervous moment, standing on the precipice of the podium, that she stood up for a new way to talk about public engagement and connection.   The Medical Director of a Very Important Healthcare Organisation speaks with emphasis, gravitas and lots of clever…

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