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How do you create a community of practice?

  Communication and narrative are two essential parts of creating a community of practice. The third? A team of people who are up for the challenge and have the desire to do something bold – something different.   ‘We can all remember days when we’ve gone out of the university to have something facilitated,’ the Director quipped. It sounded like…

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Combating the commercial narrative blog

Combating the commercial narrative

  It’s time to tackle ‘value for money’, so what can universities do to combat the commercial narrative?   Value for money. It’s important to start with these three words so we can see them for what they are. For English institutions, they are arguably the product of policy changes, marketisation and (real or perceived) stakeholder expectations. These words do…

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Show me why and how you care blog image

Show me why and how you care

  Internationalisation for universities is no longer just a question of how many international students you can recruit. The cultural value of working alongside people from across the world goes much deeper. But when you’re thinking about how to really connect with potential students, showing them why and how you care is critical to making a meaningful connection, says Paul…

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Case Study: Building a senior leadership community

“This is something very different from a training course. We’ve shared something of ourselves, gained new insights into our colleagues and thought about how to communicate our new Strategy. It was hard work laced with fun!”   Professor Jane Longmore Vice-Chancellor, University of Chichester     When Jane arrived as the University’s new Vice-Chancellor in May 2017, she was determined that…

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