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A new partnership: Invisible Grail and Refugee Education UK

Since 2019, Invisible Grail and Refugee Education UK have worked in partnership to support refugees seeking educational opportunities and mentorship.

Our joint passion is to connect people to positive, systematic, change.”

Having a positive impact through our work and building a better world are core to who Invisible Grail is. In 2019, we sought to find a charity partner to champion, whose values and practices resonated with us deeply. That year, we formed a new partnership with the Refugee Education UK, a charity that enables refugees, asylum-seeking children and young people to build more hopeful futures through education.

Our partnership is founded on our shared belief that education has the potential to change lives and the world around us for good, and that every person deserves the same, equal, opportunities to access it.

Refugee Education UK was founded over 10 years ago, and now supports more than 400 young refugees and asylum seekers each year to consider and access educational opportunities including pathways into higher education.

Their belief in education to create hopeful futures is carried out through three main strands: educational mentoring, specialist educational and wellbeing support, and helping improve access to higher education.

As part of their strategy, they have launched a values-based leadership course to create a safe space for young refugees and asylum seekers to reflect on their experiences, consider their identity and uniqueness in the world, and to define their sense of purpose at a deeper level.

Our hope is to not only to support the work of the charity by donating 10% of our annual profits, but actively to nurture and share the stories of the people they work with and the work they do.

Our joint passion is to connect people to positive, systematic, change.

This partnership reflects our aspiration to work with people across and beyond national borders, and to support people to access higher education, who may otherwise struggle to do so. Woven through this, is a strong alignment to our belief that creating (and re-creating) narratives can bring about positive change.

We’ll seek to share our expertise wherever it is needed and open connections to our networks where there is interest. Working in partnership, our hope is for both organisations to benefit from the insights, learning and culture of one another’s journeys.

Emily Bowerman, Head of Programmes at Refugee Education UK commented:

“Young refugees tell us that education is one of the most positive things in their lives. By supporting them to move forward in education, we communicate a strong message that they have a future worth investing in and preparing for. We’re excited to partner with Invisible Grail to grow our work and share its impact.”

If you’d like to find out more about our partnership, please contact Carolyn Gentle, Partnerships Director, e:

To find out more about the work of Refugee Education UK, please visit:

*Refugee Education UK was formerly known as the Refugee Support Network up until April 2021.