The latest insights on narrative, storytelling and leadership in higher education.

Jamie Jauncey

Director and Programme Facilitator

Jamie Jauncey has spent the last thirty years helping organisations and individuals to find their voices and tell their stories.

“As a business writer and trainer, personal development facilitator, novelist and musician, every breath I take has something to do with connecting people. I see language and stories as the primary lenses through which most of us make sense of the world. Those lenses needs constant polishing in order that we understand ourselves, organise our thoughts well, and communicate them in a meaningful, human way. Nor must we forget the music to be made with words, its power to reach into people’s hearts. Time and again I’ve seen how a simple story told with a little flourish, a little imagination, can change the way an idea is received.”

Jamie’s blogs

  • Institutional narrative: is it only a story?

    Institutional narrative: is it only a story?

    What does ‘institutional narrative’ really mean? Jamie Jauncey delves into the thick of it and examines the role that narrative plays for all parts of university life, and how, in times of need, we can …Read More »
  • Writing for different audiences?

    Writing for different audiences?

    How do you write for different audiences? And how do you do this without losing what makes your writing uniquely yours? These are questions we’re often asked. Here, Jamie Jauncey considers whether these are the …Read More »
  • Imagine the future

    Imagine the future

      How do you create a strategy that’s meaningful to everyone who needs to engage with it? Finding a story that connects our present to how we see the future is key. Jamie Jauncey looks …Read More »
  • Of grit and granite

    Of grit and granite

        In preparation for the 2017 Staff Developers Conference whose theme this year is on adapting learning to a changing higher education environment, we asked ourselves ‘How can we face this enduring period of …Read More »