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Dr Paul Gentle

Academic Director at Invisible Grail Which are the questions that matter most? And what could we achieve when we ask the right questions at the time they’re most needed? Louise Clifton talks to Paul Gentle about why now is the time that we need to refocus on our purpose, ask the questions we haven’t before – of ourselves and our…

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Children walking

What do you want to be when you grow up?

The inside out approach – let’s stop looking around us for the answers but ask ourselves questions that will help us understand who we are and how we can find steadiness and courage in all that we do. When I was growing up I always found this question daunting – I really didn’t have an answer to what I wanted…

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Narratives and the student experience

“There isn’t a homogenous student experience”, so how do we capture the experiences of our students to enable them to excel? Shân Wareing makes the argument for finding the patterns – where groups of students harmonise and where they diverge – to uncover how, when and where we can make an empowering difference to students’ lives. Is ‘the student experience’…

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Jam jars

How sticky is your TEF submission?

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) isn’t all about metrics. It’s also about the story you tell. Graham Holden offers advice on how to tap into the best, stickiest parts of the student experience, and translate this into a compelling narrative. Great stories engage us, draw us in and implore us to read on even when the subject matter is challenging…

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