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aligning strategy with narrative

UWE Bristol: Aligning narrative with strategy

  We were looking for new perspectives of how we as a department could go forward in the future to meet the wider University strategy. Invisible Grail opened up the conversation, made sure collaboration and equality were central to the process and created materials we’ve been able to use and share with colleagues across the University.” Dr Peter Clegg Head…

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The Dragon Economies

The Dragon Economies: Is Higher Education in South East Asia breathing fire?

The world is changing, rapidly. As global mindsets shift and we face a new decade, are the Dragon Economies still breathing fire? Travelling through Hong Kong and Singapore this autumn, Paul Gentle finds out. Your perceptions of how universities work in South East Asia will clearly have been shaped by your own experiences. Depending on where and when you’ve encountered…

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Where are we now? Higher education, refugees and asylum seekers

Talent and potential aren’t linked to where we’re born. Each of us has the ability to learn and grow given the right support. So how can higher education institutions help young people from refugee or asylum seeking backgrounds flourish in our educational system? We ask: where are we now, what are the barriers, and what can we do about it?…

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A million voices, telling the story of your university

Within and beyond our university walls there are thousands of stories. These are the foundations of our individual and collective narratives. They are the key to help us understand how to connect better with each other, and ourselves. What are the stories being told at your institution? Here is a small selection we’ve heard over the last two years. Stories…

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Why teaching and learning needs a narrative

Why teaching and learning needs a narrative

Teaching and learning are integral to the wider student experience, but without a clear vision and narrative these activities can feel disjointed for those that lead and live them. Graham Holden examines how we can use narrative to create a cohesive student experience, and leaves you with three questions to consider when thinking about what this looks like for your…

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Partnership with the Refugee Support Network

A new partnership: Invisible Grail and the Refugee Support Network

In 2019, Invisible Grail and the Refugee Support Network will work in partnership to support refugees seeking educational opportunities and mentorship. Our joint passion is to connect people to positive, systematic, change. We’re delighted to announce a new partnership with the Refugee Support Network, a charity that enables refugees, asylum-seeking children and young people to build more hopeful futures through…

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Sheffield Hallam University case study

Sheffield Hallam University: Working in partnership to develop the University’s Teaching Excellence narrative

  In partnering with Invisible Grail, Sheffield Hallam University was looking for a fresh, external, perspective to serve as a guide in preparing for future TEF submissions. One of the University’s key objectives was to identify core themes for their TEF narrative and identify timescales and priorities in responding to the TEF. ⤹ What happened ⤹ What’s been the outcome?…

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A narrative guide in the wilderness

A Narrative Guide in the Wilderness

As leaders, we need to be guides in the wilderness. We need to help find secure footing whilst navigating unknown territory. To do this, we need to tap into narrative to connect people to purpose and challenge reluctance to change, says Paul Gentle. Narratives can enable and empower us to navigate the ideas that structure our thinking, and the emotions…

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Curating our narrative picture

University of Edinburgh: Curating our narrative

  This programme gave us a moment to recognise our commonality with one another and to use this to create a shared narrative for the future of our School. In working with Invisible Grail, we were able to tap into our creativity and find an innovative way to express our identity in ways we couldn’t have imagined when we first…

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