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How do you create a community of practice?

  Communication and narrative are two essential parts of creating a community of practice. The third? A team of people who are up for the challenge and have the desire to do something bold – something different.   ‘We can all remember days when we’ve gone out of the university to have something facilitated,’ the Director quipped. It sounded like…

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Show me why and how you care blog image

Show me why and how you care

  Internationalisation for universities is no longer just a question of how many international students you can recruit. The cultural value of working alongside people from across the world goes much deeper. But when you’re thinking about how to really connect with potential students, showing them why and how you care is critical to making a meaningful connection, says Paul…

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Really looking blog

Really looking

  ‘A static body of knowledge on the shelf’ is how we might perceive the Humanities. But if we were to really look, and examine the questions they confront us with, would we recognise this definition? Or would it encourage us, and our students, to look again?     ‘Look,’ I say, pointing out of my bedroom window at a…

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Creative Local Narratives

Creative local narratives

  With the arrival of the Knowledge Exchange Framework and Industrial Strategy, connecting with local communities is quite rightly shifting back into the spotlight. Paul Gentle examines this revival, and how some senior leaders are engaging with their communities in creative and surprising ways.   The idea of universities making a difference in their own backyard is one of the…

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What's the story behind tuition fees? blog

What’s the story behind ‘tuition fees’?

  How has the phrase ‘tuition fees’ framed students’ expectations of university life? Louise Clifton examines the implications of these words and considers what can be done to change the conversation.   Tuition fees…two words that have ricocheted around the public forum and invaded student halls over the last two decades. This transaction of payment for tuition became a part…

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