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Writing for Impact: Course Leaders

Writing for Impact: Course LeadersLeaders of university teaching teams need to communicate with impact to their students, colleagues and varied external audiences. They need to make a case for effective learning, teaching and assessment in a direct and compelling way. They also need to convey complex messages about co-creation of the curriculum, skills development and engaging with employers.

Writing for Impact is a one-day workshop addressing the challenges that you may face when you have to describe succinctly the effectiveness of your teaching, in order to enhance the reputation of your school or department.

The workshops take place in easily accessible and congenial locations throughout the UK.


Writing for Impact will help you engage more effectively with your team. It will help you describe your programmes to students in a clear and inspiring way. It  will also help you to make the case for your programme to your departmental or faculty management teams with conviction.

During this hands-on, practical day, you will look at how to:

  • Distil ideas and information
  • Bring fresh energy to language
  • Pitch for different audiences
  • Find new ways to talk about your subject
  • Make powerful human connections

Writing for Impact will help you highlight the importance of your work in a way that facilitates your audiences’ decision-making processes, and so enhances the reputation of your own institution.

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What do they say?

“I wanted to write
To be more engaging, so
have learnt to be clear”
A haiku by Dr Jennie Ferrell, Programme Leader BSc Psychology, University of the West of England, Bristol


“I am surprised to have written an entire text in the last 30 minutes which was my intended outcome. I feel I have achieved more expressive writing than I expected.”
Dr Cathy Warner, Programme Leader MA Music Therapy, University of the West of England, Bristol


(On fulfilling his personal objectives) “Having the confidence to project my own voice into my writing”
Dr Anthony Hill, Academic Director, University of the West of England, Bristol

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If you would like to register or have any questions about Writing for Impact: Course Leaders please email Louise Clifton, e: louise.clifton@invisiblegrail.com.


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