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Collaboration across the University

Take account of different perspectives, build communities across different teams who share common goals within your university.

Universities are intricate organisations. Layers of knowledge, teaching and research are aligned and supported by a framework of professional services. Bringing together the experience, talent and energy of everyone across the University to realise strategic aspirations is, quite understandably, a herculean task. Despite the challenge, nurturing collaboration and connection between people, teams and departments at every level is critical to creating a sustainable future for the whole University. This won’t just keep everyone moving in the same direction, but it will become part of the University’s culture and in the long-term allow authentic and durable relationship to grow. We’ll work with you and bring people together, face to face or virtually, to replace silos with collaborative working relationships, and build shared priorities which lead to action.

How can we help?

Developing collaboration across the University is a big journey that involves a lot of small but critical steps along the way. We will work with you on both the little steps and the big strides. This could involve designing and facilitating a single-day collaborative workshop right through to providing in-depth support to the institution over a long period of time. We also specialise in bringing together colleagues who do not work together day-to-day to build new internal partnerships. Depending on your needs, this might be working with course leaders and marketers to foster understanding and create consistent messaging, or it might be working with researchers and business engagement teams. Whether you are looking to create the big-picture strategy for your University, or you want to build relationships and collaboration between individuals and teams, we will create a programme in partnership with you that puts your objectives at the heart of it using an iterative process of design and feedback.

Find out more

If you would like to explore how we could work with you to enhance collaboration across your University, please contact Paul Gentle, Academic Director, and he’d be happy to help.