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Bespoke programmes

Bespoke programmesCreating a bespoke project isn’t about finding a template to fit a problem. Instead, it is thoughtful approach to a challenge or opportunity.

Our small and expert team is committed to developing creative approaches to your challenges and opportunities using a blend of original leadership and communication techniques.

We work with you to design unique projects that realise your aspirations, and we do this by crafting a story and building communities of practice that own and lead the narrative.


How we work

Working alongside you, we start by understanding the nature of your challenge. Using this as a framework, we explore how it fits in with the whole picture – your people, culture and context – to create a programme that is specific and meaningful to everyone who will be involved.

We seek to be creative and bring fresh ideas to professional development. Examples of techniques we use might include collaborative inquiry, facilitated conversations, reflection and feedback, writing tasks and one to one coaching. We employ these and others to create a tangible vision for your aspirations, taking into account the practicalities of your timeframe, budget and context.

Each project we create is tailored to you and your environment, and at every opportunity we practise our ethics, keeping your confidence and respecting your institutional integrity.

We work in four key areas, but will always work to your brief. If you would like to discuss a project please contact us.


Developing and communicating narratives

Create a refreshed vision and approach for your team, department or organisational narrative, bringing people with you as they find their place in the story.


Team development and culture-building

Foster a collaborative culture, unpicking uneasy tensions where needed, and build a shared narrative for your team.


Collaboration across the university

Take account of different perspectives, build communities across different teams who share common goals within your university.


Writing workshops

Workshops rich in techniques and approaches to enhance the impact of writing for everyone who needs to influence, motivate and persuade with their writing.


Case Studies and testimonials

Since we launched in May last year we’ve worked with over 420 people at 37 different universities. The projects we’ve created range from helping individuals find their own leadership narrative, to bigger, broader departmental and institutional strategy development.

  • University of Hong Kong – A Case Study

    University of Hong Kong – A Case Study

    We are working on a programme in the Faculty of Science at the University of Hong Kong which aims to build an informal leadership team spanning academic departments and professional services. Over a period of …Read More »
  • Case Study: Building a senior leadership community

    Case Study: Building a senior leadership community

    “This is something very different from a training course. We’ve shared something of ourselves, gained new insights into our colleagues and thought about how to communicate our new Strategy. It was hard work laced with …Read More »

A further range of case studies is coming very soon; watch this space.


“I’ve been working a lot with Paul at Invisible Grail recently as we develop a refreshed international strategy and it’s really helped me appreciate much more clearly the creative role language plays in bringing people together.”

Professor Mark d’Inverno

Pro-Warden International
Goldsmiths, University of London



Curious to know more?

If you would like to talk to us about a project in mind and find out how we can help, please contact Paul Gentle, Academic Director: paul.gentle@invisiblegrail.com.


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