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Stuart Delves

Director and Programme Facilitator

Stuart Delves photoStuart Delves co-founded Dark Angels in 2004 – a decade on, into ‘the daring night’ with Invisible Grail.

“My background is playwriting and I had early success on the Edinburgh Fringe. More recently I have been involved with community theatre, which I find hugely rewarding. I stepped into the commercial world in 1985 as an advertising copywriter. I now write for businesses and institutions across multiple platforms. From 1990-1993 I was Centre Director for the Arvon Foundation in Devon and since, have consistently developed the residential course model co-designing Bloom Reading Holidays and Dark Angels. I believe a day away can prove extremely fruitful and that a couple of days away, in a retreat setting with peers and an inspired programme, can prove transformative.”



Something you may not know about Stuart

I still write the occasional play. ‘Haggis Haggis Haggis’ for a haggis-maker recently. Village pantos too. Where I can also be seen treading the boards: anything from Aslan to Polar Bear.

Stuart's Blog Posts

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