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Invisible Grail sponsor of AUA conference 2018

Invisible Grail will be appearing at the AUA Conference 2018

Communicating the Why: how to engage people and define your purpose beyond Brexit.


The clock is ticking. Like it or not, in less than 13 months the UK will be leaving the EU. So it seems apt that the theme of the upcoming 2018 AUA conference is ‘Beyond Brexit: embracing uncertainty, defining our purpose, sustaining successful professionals‘.

Embracing uncertainty is inextricably linked to success in setting and maintaining purpose and direction. By understanding and communicating our purpose we can reinforce the work that we do and tell the story about why this matters – not just to our students, our colleagues and to society, but as a day-to-day motivator for ourselves.

So why we do what we do and why it matters are two important questions to be asking when faced with the impending countdown to Brexit. And it’s this that is the inspiration for Invisible Grail’s session at the conference, ‘Communicating the Why: How to engage, motivate and inspire through your writing’.

As Kathryn Fowler, AUA Chair, comments, we need to “be willing to explore, seeking to be innovative and creative” when thinking about life beyond March 2019. And finding a creative way to discover, distil and write about our purpose is exactly what we will be exploring during our session. So we invite all attendees of the conference – come and be creative with us.

We look forward to seeing colleagues there!

Session details

The conference will take place on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 March 2018 in Manchester at:

The University of Manchester, 176 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9QQ.


Session title: Communicating the Why: How to engage, motivate and inspire through your writing

Session date and time: Tuesday 27 March 2018, 09.30-10.45

Session facilitators: Paul Gentle and Louise Clifton


Further conference information: AUA Conference 2018

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For any questions about the workshop, please contact Paul Gentle.