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Our Story

Invisible Grail began from a kernel of an idea. This idea, sown in early 2017, was that higher education, and all the people, teams, departments, schools and universities within it, deserve more from the stories they are telling the world.

We are a small team of leadership and communication experts. Our purpose is to help people in higher education make the intangible, tangible. To find the narrative that will energise and galvanise people around a common purpose and shared vision.

We work in partnership with universities and their people to create greater impact through the narratives they choose to tell, and we do this in two ways:

  • by creating unique and imaginative projects that build capacity within university communities, tailored to specific needs;
  • through a portfolio of open programmes that enhance individuals’ own leadership narratives and practices.

At the very core of what we do is the desire to make a meaningful difference. We work not as a typical provider, but as a partner, and we do this with honesty, openness and compassion.

We are Paul, Louise, John, Jamie and Stuart. We come from all corners of the UK, and bring with each of us unique skills, voice and creativity to Invisible Grail.