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What’s the secret to leadership?


Back when the days were longer, sunnier and a little warmer, I asked my colleague Paul Gentle what’s the one piece of advice he would give to a leader. We’d been talking for a while now, and he paused, and then he said this.

If there’s one thing you do this festive month, try this. It’s a wonderful gift to give.

What's the secret to leadership picture

I was talking to Paul as part of Invisible Grail’s Interview Series, exploring the way people with different areas of expertise see the world, and what we might learn that could reshape the way we see our own professional narratives.

Along with Paul’s interview, you can read pieces from Leah Weiss, professor in compassionate leadership and Julian Stodd, author and advocate of social leadership.

Please read, enjoy and give this one a go. 

Louise, Director of Marketing, Communications and Operations

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