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Time for a holiday?


So often we’re in a hurry to get things done, but the summer is a rare chance to take our foot off the pedal and it’s one we should take full advantage of.

This week we encourage you to take a leaf out of a writers book, and pack whatever project you’re working on away for a while. Go on holiday, enjoy the sun, take a long weekend. And after, unpack your project and take a fresh look to see whether your ideas still resonate, or whether those summer rays have given you a new, fresher, perspective.

This is a quote from the American author James Salter. It’s taken from his interview with The Paris Review, in which he also said:

“I hate the first inexact, inadequate expression of things. The whole joy of writing comes from the opportunity to go over it and make it good, one way or another.”

A good lesson for life.

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