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The love ethic


What ignites you? What is it that gets you up in the morning, and helps you be present for the people you care about, at home and at work? 

We’ve had more time to think about these questions lately, and they led us to bell hooks’ love ethic. That love is an act, not just a feeling. Where we don’t just listen but hear, where we share with the intention to be open and curious, and where we pursue solidarity with others.

Let’s choose more love. A quote from the wonderful intellectual, theorist and writer bell hooks.

Whilst researching for a new blog on love and leadership, we came across bell hooks’ work. There’s some fantastic reading around this, including Brené Brown’s ‘Doubling down on love‘ and a research article by Patrick Barnosky on the love ethic in community development.

Photo by Levi Midnight on Unsplash

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