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Students as leaders


This month we’re zooming in on perspectives on the student experience and student leadership.

We’re exploring how universities are preparing for the hopes and aspirations of Generation Z, putting this to staff developers at the Staff Development Conference in Newcastle. Northampton University’s new Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Shân Wareing, also gives us her take on the homogenisation of the student experience in a blog released later this month.

Ultimately, in the words of our colleague and student, Rhiannon-Breeze Harris, we want to know how we can bring student voices into every corner and corridor of university life, and how we can do this with authenticity and trust.

Colleagues Louise Clifton, Paul Gentle, Rhiannon-Breeze Harris and Helen Teague will be taking part in this year’s Staff Development Conference, examining how we can support university workforce’s to excel in an environment where the needs and aspirations of students are rapidly evolving. If you’re attending the conference, we’d love to see you so come and join our workshop on Thursday morning.

We believe students are leaders, you can read more about this here: Students as leaders.

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