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On professions of art and reflection


Whilst there is much to digest from the recent Augur review, the possibility that the arts and social sciences could face challenging financial times ahead is worrying. So this week, we share some words on why these subjects matter. Written by Harvard Professor Helen Vendler, this excerpt is part of a larger essay for Harvard’s admissions office on why they need to look more carefully for the world’s future novelists, poets, composers and critics. This is worth a read: Writers and Artists at Harvard. Professor Helen Vender’s essay, written to help guide Harvard’s admissions office on how to look for the next T.S. Eliot or E.E. Cummings, was subsequently posted on the University’s Office for Admissions website. Closer to home, Dr Sophie Nicholls, Head of Humanities at Teesside University, wrote about how the humanities shouldn’t be seen as a static body of knowledge sat on a shelf. Instead we should see their value in how they help us to question the world around us. You can read her blog here: Really Looking

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