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Education speaks of hope


Earlier this week we came together with supporters, trustees and young people to celebrate the Refugee Support Network’s new home in Harlesden.

The charity’s mission is to help young refugees and asylum-seekers build more hopeful futures through education. We’ve partnered with them for over a year now, and we’re so proud to be part of, and share, their journey.

The key message of the evening is that education speaks of hope. And that when we invest in hope, we’re investing in the future of all the world’s children.

These are the words of Catherine Gladwell, the charity’s CEO. Since we began partnering with the Refugee Support Network, we’ve been continually blown away by the wonderful people, who have incredible stories, and who are all doing amazing things. 

If you have only one minute, we encourage you to use this to find out more about their work here, and if you’re interested in donating toward their new home, you can find details here.

Photo by Perry Grone from Unsplash 

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