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Choosing the right words


170,000. This, according to a quick Google search, is how many words there are in the English language. Don’t get me wrong this is definitely not robust research, but it hints at the vastness of choice we have when we’re looking for just the right ones.

Now, when our writing is helping us to connect with the people we work with, and care about, what guides us to choose the ones we do?

In a new mini-series starting next Friday, our colleague John Simmons offers an A-Z writing workout, sharing tips to help find freedom, generosity and joy in your writing. With new chapters released every Friday after that, follow us on Linked In or via our Insights page to find your weekly dose of writing inspiration.

Choosing the right words

Our new writing workout mini-series is based on John’s original A-Z guide to writing tips in his book (and our namesake) The Invisible Grail.

This quote is a preview to the introduction, which we’ll published on Tuesday next week. We offer these words, tips and stories with generosity, so please feel free to share these A-Z posts with anyone you think you may enjoy or benefit from them.

Following the introduction, we’ll publish the first of the series, A-b, next Friday, in time for a little reading over the bank holiday.

The Friday G&T will be taking a short break over the Easter weekend, but we look forward to bringing back your weekly lift on Friday 17 April. Until then, we wish you a peaceful, healthy and happy long weekend over the Easter break.

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