Friday G&T

Friday G&T

Your Friday ‘Gift and Tonic’; a short, inspiring piece of writing delivered to you weekly. Why? Because in among the to-do lists we need to find a moment to stand still, to re-focus and to energise our inner writer. All that is required is a minute (or two).


Friday 15 June

Here’s a technique you can use in a meeting you chair, or a class you teach, which will allow you to learn what works, and what you might want to change. It avoids singling out individual feedback, and takes only a minute.

Give everyone in the room a post-it, and ask them to write three sentences on it. Tell people that you’re going to give them the first word of each sentence which you’d like them to complete. What they write will be advice to you on how you run the meeting or class. The words are:



Ask people to stick their responses on the wall or door as they leave the room – and do remember to report back and act on some of the feedback next time you get together!


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