Friday G&T

Friday G&T

Your Friday ‘Gift and Tonic’; a short, inspiring piece of writing delivered to you weekly. Why? Because in among the to-do lists we need to find a moment to stand still, to re-focus and to energise our inner writer.

Your Friday G&T creates a moment to enjoy words, requiring nothing more than a minute (or two). Discover past G&T’s in our Friday G&T Gallery.

Friday 20 October 2017

This week a word from a novelist. And a practical approach to writing, thinking about writing, and well…just doing it.

These words from Jennifer Egan, author and Pulitzer Prize winner, offer a sense of solidarity for all writers. Writing is a process, and there is space for all types of writing, including those words you type in your less than inspired moments or before your first cup of morning coffee.

Invisible Grail’s belief in experimenting with the way you think about and approach the task of writing is captured neatly here. Automatic writing and other constrained writing tasks are used on our programmes to encourage participants to relinquish writing fears or anxieties, allowing creativity and words to flow.

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