Friday G&T

Friday G&T

Your Friday ‘Gift and Tonic’; a short, inspiring piece of writing delivered to you weekly. Why? Because in among the to-do lists we need to find a moment to stand still, to re-focus and to energise our inner writer. All that is required is a minute (or two).


Friday 15 December 2017

On the last G&T of the year, it seems fitting to reflect on one of Invisible Grail’s most memorable moments.

Written by a mysterious author, this week’s G&T is from a story about a conference. We realise that might seem a bit of an odd choice. But just like that slightly off-the-wall present you get every Christmas; humour it, give it a little charity, and enjoy the read.


Quote from Staff Developers Conference 2017


This week’s quote was taken from a story about the Staff Developers Conference that took place in Birmingham this November. It was a huge moment for our fledging organisation as we were welcomed into this community. We’d like to dedicate this G&T to all those in the Staff Development network who were generous with their time, their enthusiasm for seeking new opportunities and for their friendship.


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