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How to connect beliefs and values with writing a strategy

Strategy isn’t just facts, figures and mission statements. It encompasses the breadth and depth of the people who lead and live it. Drawing on two fictional universities facing real-life challenges, Paul Gentle examines how working with the grain can connect…read more
Influence...and how you do it

Influence…and how you do it

Nurturing influencing skills are like playing a musical instrument: the more you fine tune, the better you get. Paul Gentle offers his insights on recognising the scary stuff, reading the room, and how to use questions to influence for solutions.…read more

It’s a Mentor-full world!

The benefits of mentoring are widely accepted. Gifting your experience and expertise to another can be both professionally rewarding and personally satisfying. But is there more to it than that? Paul Gentle explores the powerful synergy that can evolve from…read more
Breaking free of a short-term mindset

“As long as your arm” Breaking free of a short-term mindset

Short-term mindsets drain people of creativity and motivation. They make longer-term strategic visions fade into the background. Drawing on recent work, Paul Gentle examines the shift needed to release people from the tyranny of to do lists and break free…read more

Distraction: Evil or Art?

Distraction. A word we associate with falling behind; clock ticking; unfocused thoughts. But what about the unexpected joys and unforeseen creativity it can bring? And the role of the people who trigger it in the first place? Paul Gentle explores.…read more

How do you create a community of practice?

Communication and narrative are two essential parts of creating a community of practice. The third? A team of people who are up for the challenge and have the desire to do something bold - something different. ‘We can all remember…read more