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2018 in review: six words that shaped the year for Higher Education

How would you describe 2018? Drawn from meetings, programmes, conferences and the latest sector news, here’s what’s been talked about in the last 12 months. Narrative One overarching narrative is sorely needed. It’s a narrative that connects the value and societal impact of universities with how they are perceived by our communities and the wider public. Over the past year…

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Writing to engage people online

  Louise Clifton examines why bringing humanity to your writing is essential to engage people online, and how you can get people to stick around to read what you’ve written.   Carefully nuanced arguments are lost to time-poor readers and a scrolling thumb. Technology has changed our habits. We often talk about generation Z’s diminishing attention span, but few of…

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Combating the commercial narrative blog

Combating the commercial narrative

  It’s time to tackle ‘value for money’, so what can universities do to combat the commercial narrative?   Value for money. It’s important to start with these three words so we can see them for what they are. For English institutions, they are arguably the product of policy changes, marketisation and (real or perceived) stakeholder expectations. These words do…

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What's the story behind tuition fees? blog

What’s the story behind ‘tuition fees’?

  How has the phrase ‘tuition fees’ framed students’ expectations of university life? Louise Clifton examines the implications of these words and considers what can be done to change the conversation.   Tuition fees…two words that have ricocheted around the public forum and invaded student halls over the last two decades. This transaction of payment for tuition became a part…

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