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Leadership in Culturally Significant Times

When we can no longer lean on predictability and predictive analysis, we need courage to face ambiguity, trust in ourselves and others, boldness in business continuity and - most poignantly - cultural leadership.  A perspective on where we find ourselves…read more

Narratives and the student experience

“There isn’t a homogenous student experience”, so how do we capture the experiences of our students to enable them to excel? Shân Wareing makes the argument for finding the patterns – where groups of students harmonise and where they diverge…read more

‘Liven up’ leaders: Time to inoculate against zombification. Or not?

What is zombie leadership and what does it look like? Stella Jones-Devitt and Liz Austen examine what we risk if we endorse this cultural status-quo, and guide us through how we might spot it so that we can choose our…read more

Navigating the McNamara Trap

Metrics govern so much of how we interpret the success of what is important in higher education. Yet what do we miss if we only focus on the things that can be counted? Drawn from evidence from a QAA (Scotland)…read more
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Who am I now? A journey to find professional purpose

In November 2015, Coach and Consultant Maeve Lankford took a leap and left her job to start up on her own. This radical shift encouraged Maeve to consider her professional purpose: who is she now? At the same time, higher…read more
Really looking blog

Really looking

‘A static body of knowledge on the shelf’ is how we might perceive the Humanities. But if we were to really look and examine the questions they confront us with, would we recognise this definition? Or would it encourage us,…read more
Do you speak Acabusinish?

Do you speak Acabusinish?

How to avoid the trappings of de-facto university language. Tom Scott, writer and university lecturer, examines the rise of Acabusinish, the unlovely hybrid of academic jargon and management speak. In this article, issues regarding approaches to written communication typically characterising…read more