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Rhiannon-Breeze Harris joins Invisible Grail as a Student Client Relationship Director


Student in primary education, Rhiannon-Breeze Harris, joins the Invisible Grail team this September.

Invisible Grail is thrilled to be welcoming Rhiannon-Breeze Harris as the newest member of the team, joining as our Student Client Relationship Director.

Currently starting her third year in primary education studies at Anglia Ruskin University, Rhiannon joins Invisible Grail to help build stronger and more sustainable connections between students and university leadership.

As a course representative for the past two years, and more recently as a student consultant for Anglia Ruskin’s preparation for subject-level TEF, Rhiannon brings with her a wealth of insight on how to build effective relationships between students and their university based on trust, open communication and authentic connection.

On joining the Invisible Grail team, Rhiannon commented:

“Since starting my studies, I have become increasingly interested in how students can find their voice and share this with their university. I whole-heartedly believe that if we can find ways to connect students to university leadership better, we can build deeper, trusting relationships. I’m really looking forward to working with Invisible Grail to take this to the next step and share my experience on how we can achieve this.

Paul Gentle, Invisible Grail’s Academic Director commented:

“We’re delighted to welcome Rhiannon to Invisible Grail. Her passion, alongside her unique insight and experience will be vital in supporting universities to create authentic, enduring connections with their students. We can’t wait to get started!”

As the body of research around students as partners and what this means for learning and teaching pedagogy and the wider student experience evolves, it’s becoming paramount to recognise the role of students as leaders and support this journey.

Challenges around revolving formal student leadership mean that momentum and appetite for positive change can be lost, and connections that have been built need to start again each year. But by creating wider, collective, leadership and firmer pathways to link students in both formal and informal leadership positions to university leadership, universities can establish relationships based on trust and reciprocity which will endure changes they face now and those on the horizon.

Invisible Grail is excited to be developing this support to work with universities and student leaders to nurture these relationships, and help build shared narratives as the first step toward deeper, authentic connections.

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