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Invisible Grail is growing: three new colleagues join the family


Dr Graham Holden, Helen Teague and Phil McNaull join Invisible Grail to unlock the potential of narrative and storytelling for people in Higher Education.

Invisible Grail is delighted to be welcoming three new colleagues – Dr Graham Holden, Helen Teague and Phil McNaull – as the newest additions to the Invisible Grail family.

Drawing on their unique areas of expertise in teaching and learning, organisational development and finance respectively, Graham, Helen and Phil will be working with people and their institutions to explore how narrative and storytelling can help realise individual and collective ambitions.

Together all three colleagues bring with them over 40 years of experience of working in Higher Education at the top of their fields.

On the appointment of Graham, Helen and Phil, Invisible Grail’s Academic Director Paul Gentle commented:

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to grow our family and welcome the expertise, experience and perspectives that Graham, Helen and Phil bring.

Our aspiration is to help Higher Education connect for the greater good, and working alongside our new colleagues we’ll be able to support more people across more disciplines to build trusted connections – between students, staff, communities and the wider world – than ever before.”

Graham Holden

Dr Graham Holden

Previously Director of Learning and Teaching at Sheffield Hallam University and with 20 years’ experience under his belt, Graham has led the design of transformation programmes to effect positive change. Graham’s current focus with Invisible Grail is on nurturing TEF narratives, as well as developing projects focused on learning and teaching, and student engagement.

Helen Teague

Helen Teague

For the last 12 years Helen worked in Higher Education as a senior leader, responsible for multi-discipline teams grappling with organisational and leadership development, and change projects. Tapping into her expertise as an Organisational Development Specialist, Helen works with Invisible Grail to nurture positive shifts in both individual and collective behaviours, and institutional cultures.

Phil McNaull

Phil McNaull

As former Director of Finance at the University of Edinburgh and Chair of the British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG), Phil championed the use of narrative and storytelling to connect people within and beyond institutional teams. Passionate about the neuroscience behind storytelling, Phil is an advocate for what stories can do to galvanise leaders and their teams to unlock greater innovation, creativity and distinctiveness.

Invisible Grail’s ambition is to partner with people and universities across Higher Education and enable them to build stronger connections within and beyond their institution, for the greater good. These connections are critical to enabling shared visions of the future to come to fruition, and will help the sector weather wider environmental shifts.

From understanding the stories of individuals, to fostering collective team narratives, and enhancing wider institutional strategies, Invisible Grail works with people in all corners of universities to help unlock the human connections that lie at the heart of positive change.

If you would like to talk to us about how narrative organisational development could help you, please contact Paul Gentle, Academic Director, e:

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