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Friday G&T

Discover your Friday G&T (Gift & Tonic); a short piece of writing to spark a moment of creativity or create a minute of stillness. Published every Friday, these pieces are here to give your week a little lift.

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A bit of solid ground

I’ve recently heard lots of people talking about white noise. I know that feeling, it can be hard to focus on everyday work when bigger change is taking place around us. 

So I began to look into ways to anchor myself into my days. This is when I came across an article by Leah Weiss, professor in compassionate leadership. In it, she points to purpose as our professional and personal compass, giving us a reference point to steer toward. She also suggests a couple of ways to find that anchor in our own everyday. If, like me, you’re looking for a bit of solid ground, this might help.

Leah Weiss is a researcher, consultant, professor and author. Late last summer, I spoke to Leah about compassion in leadership and why this matters in education, you can find the full interview here.

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