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Friday G&T

Friday G&T


Discover your Friday G&T (Gift & Tonic); a short piece of writing to spark a moment of creativity or create a minute of stillness. Published every Friday, these pieces are here to give your week a little lift. If you would like to receive these directly to your inbox, please email Louise.


The pace of change


Even Bill Gates, a man known for his instinct to envisage what the future might look like, initially underestimated the influence of the internet. Having the ability to look forward beyond what we can reasonably know is an art, but is an essential part of thriving beyond merely existing.



This quote is taken from Bill Gates’ The Road Ahead. Written in the early 90’s, this book is an exemplar of his uncanny knack for foresight. But even Bill Gates couldn’t quite imagine the sweeping changes the internet was to bring, and in the mid-90’s he re-edited the book to acknowledge the incredible impact it would have.


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