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Friday G&T

Discover your Friday G&T (Gift & Tonic); a short piece of writing to spark a moment of creativity or create a minute of stillness. Published every Friday, these pieces are here to give your week a little lift.

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We’re one day early, and here’s why

Tomorrow the campaign against climate change takes to the streets. Across the UK young activists are calling for older generations to stand with them, joining over 130 strikes taking place across the world. As a supportive act of non consumption, we’ll be downing our electronic tools for the day.

Taking up Generation Z’s challenge on what climate change means for our future, we’ve been exploring what higher education is doing now, and why we need more dialogue, creativity and empathy to find solutions to the climate crisis.

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On Friday 20 September we’ll be working off-grid, and joining in spirit and in person our local protests. There’s so much more to do, but this is one place we can start.

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